Thursday, May 14, 2015

China Bridge

This week I decided that I wanted to just meditate and think about life and just inhale and exhale. I found this cool bridge… The Chinese Bridge is located in the old Cutler Road and is used to cross over Cutler Creek. The colors of the bridge is red, yellow and blue which are traditional Chinese colors. On the opposite side of Deering Estate (and if you don't know what that is then go back to my last post) I noticed a path and so I got curious to what is over there. I walked for a long time and it felt like forever until I saw bright colors in the distance and me being me made me wanted to know what is… that. I came to discover a bridge that was covered in the traditional colors of China and I thought it was really cute; It wasn't to small nor to big. This bridge was built by Mr.Deering and he restored the bridge in 2002. I noticed that no one really goes down this path and I think it is because they probably lost hope half way down the trail that something cool was there. The trail to the Chinese Bridge was pretty. There were butterflies of different sizes and colors and I noticed some exotic flowers poking out of some bushes. In all it is relaxing because no one is around and you can just think. So I think if you ever just want to take a walk and just think and get yourself together just come to the Chinese bridge and watch the little fish swim pass you


  1. I like your post. I really want to go there and relax. It would be a great thing to do and the place sounds perfect for it. I love the emotions you have in this post. The descriptions also help me to image this place. Nice blog.

  2. Great post!
    Very descriptive which helps to image this place.